What Thickness Of Wetsuit Should I Buy?

      Possibly the most important item you'll buy for your own personal comfort is your wetsuit and boots or shoes. Whatever water sport you are in to, staying warm and being able to move freely are key. For the Autumn and Winter in the UK you'll probably want a 5mm wetsuit, for the summer in the UK you can go to a 3mm wetsuit for most sports. For sports like kitesurfing where you stay really wet almost all the time then you can use a 5/3mm wetsuit all year round in the UK, except for the absolute hottest of days.

      How Much Should I Spend on a Wetsuit?

      As a general rule the more you spend on your wetsuit, the warmer it will be for the thickness and the more flexible it will be. Cheaper wetsuits tend to be less warm and less flexible. Fit is key, too tight and you won't be able to move properly and too loose and you'll constantly get a flush of cold water down the inside of the suit, which you will really notice in the cooler months. The idea is that a thin layer of water gets heated up between your skin and the neoprene and then it stays there. So if it gets flushed out by cold water cause your wetsuit is too big, then it is not good!

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      95 items

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