The School

Our watersports school teaching kitesurfing, stand up paddle and windsurfing was established in 2014 in Worthing, West Sussex. We are a British Kitesports accredited Kitesurfing School and founder Christine Johnston attended the Olympics for windsurfing in 2000, won the Windsurfing World Championships in 2003 and has eight national titles in windsurfing. Our instructors are all qualified in the sport they teach, friendly, professional and enthusiastic, our aim is that you have the best time learning your new chosen sport with us!


For adrenalin seekers nothing can beat the amazing feeling of flying over the water being pulled along by a kitesurfing kite! No wonder kitesurfing is booming in popularity, with more and more kitesurfers to be seen out on the water on a windy day in Worthing, West Sussex. Kitesurfing is not a sport that you can self teach, you will need around 7-10 hours of 1:1 lessons before you can safely go and practice independently. Most people therefore choose our Zero to Hero Kitesurfing Course of lessons, to start their kitesurfing journey.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle must be the fastest growing watersport in the UK, it's very accessible, almost anybody can participate, it's relatively safe and it's free to take part in once you have purchased your own board and paddle. We recommend you have at least one Stand Up Paddle lesson before venturing out on your own, there are a few key things to understand that will keep you safe for many sessions to come and we go over them in the first lesson. Later on you might want to go back for some Surf SUP coaching or to perfect your long distance paddling technique.

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Windsurfing took off in the UK in the 1980s, you use a sail attached to a windsurf board to harness the power of the wind to pull you in. Nowadays you can learn the basics of windsurfing in one day, but progressing on to more intermediate techniques, like using a harness and footsraps and planing will take several lessons. We offer intermediate and advanced coaching by Christine Johnston, Olympian and windsurfing World Champion, to windsurfers who already have their own windsurfing equipment.

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About Founder Christine Johnston

Christine Johnston from The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. Short video about us, how we started, what we love about teaching kitesurfing lessons and where we are going next.

Founder and owner Christine has been kitesurfing for 13 years and instructing for 8 years, is a British Kitesports Senior Instructor and has over eight hundred hours of kitesurf instructing experience. Christine finished training as a British Kitesports Association kitesurf instructor in June 2012 and spent her first few seasons as a kitesurf instructor working at Brighton Kitesurf Academy and BN1 Kitesurfing on Lancing Beach in Sussex, Kite Republic in Melbourne, Australia and most recently (winter 2014/2015) at Windchasers in Langebaan, South Africa. This has given Christine a broad range of teaching experience in a variety of conditions.

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