Meet The Team


Christine Johnston Senior Kitesurfing Instructor
Christine Flying High in the Lancing Kitesurf Club Big Air Competition
  1. Name. Christine Johnston
  2. Age. 45
  3. Years kitesurfing. At least 10
  4. Years teaching kitesurfing. Since 2012.
  5. What do you love about teaching?. I love seeing students progress and the buzz they get from learning kitesurfing and especially when they go along on the board for a little bit for the first time :). It's really rewarding teaching people to kitesurf or stand up paddle.
  6. What do you feel positive about in 2019? My relationship with my amazing partner Seda who loves and supports me in everything that I do
  7. What do you do when you aren't teaching kitesurfing? Rest! I also play touch rugby and do yoga. I love food and cooking too.
  8. Where are you from originally? My parents would say Scottish, as they are Scottish, but I was born in England and brought up in Whitchurch in Hampshire.
  9. Where is your favourite kite spot and why? I'd have to say my home spot of Worthing, we just have fantastic conditions here, especially in the summer with the amazingly consistent afternoon sea breezes
  10. What is your favourite food? That's a difficult question cause I love all sorts of different food! Currently my favourite food is ice cream :). When I was growing up I would always say chicken and chips!


Mare Kull Kitesurfing Instructor
Mare Kull Teaching A Kitesurf Lesson
  1. Name. Mare Kull

  2. Age. 35
  3. Years kitesurfing. 20 Months, see answer 4 :)
  4. Years teaching kitesurfing. 18 months. I used to live in London and was managing a busy restaurant. Basically, I was burning out. That ended up leading me to kitesurfing. Last year we decided to take an intense course at The Kitesurf Centre where in two months we were spending every possible moment in water learning to kitesurf and how to teach it to others at the same time. Hard but the best memories. After getting all the shadowing hours done and the papers, we contacted Christine and we were teaching for rest of the season for her. Met some great instructors all along the way who will always be a great inspiration for me. Have done over 100 hours of teaching and hope my second season will be busy
  5. What do you love about teaching? Learning to kitesurf can be a little frustrating at times and can test your patience a bit (Don’t be put off by it though, the return is so much more). So every time a student conquers another step, the smile, the rush, the freedom, the feeling like they can fly follows on their face. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and amazing feeling to be able to help people get that.
  6. What do you feel positive about in 2020? Getting back to teaching and hopefully being able to make it abroad to teach over winter
  7. What do you do when you aren`t teaching kitesurfing? Spend time with my partner, my family and friends. I like handcraft, specifically i`m doing embroidery. At times we go snowboarding. I also enjoy going for walks and discovering new places. And of course, eat, sleep and rest
  8. Where are you from originally? Estonia
  9. Where is your favourite kite spot and why? I haven’t explored enough jet to even know my favourite spot. Out of the beaches I have been, I would say Greatstone. I just love how much space is there, even though the hike on the low tide can be painful :P
  10. What is your favourite food? My favourites are constantly changing , what can I say I love food too much. But my comfort food at the time is probably Thai green curry.


    Jayson Beck British Kitesports Kitesurf Instructor
    Jayson Beck Kitesurfing
    1. Name. Jayson Beck
    2. Age. 35
    3. Years kitesurfing. Its better to answer this in hours as while it may have been just over 18 months kitesurfing, I've managed to rack up hundreds of hours so far on the water. My partner Mare and I completed the fast track course at The Kitesurf Centre in Kent in Spring and Summer 2019 to go from kitesurfing to BKSA Level 1 Kitesurf Instructor and BSUPA Paddle Board Instructor. 
    4. Years teaching kitesurfing. I've been teaching almost as long as I've been riding with 100+ teaching hours logged last year in 2019, right here at The KSSCo! Looking forward to racking up even more hours this season in 2020 back here! I'm up to 270 hours in total now :)
    5. What do you love about teaching? Passing the passion and the excitement of this awesome sport,seeing students experience this for the first time.
    6. What do you feel positive about in 2020? Sharing this awesome lifestyle with my significant other, while we continue to build the lifestyle we've always wanted, travelling and earning from something we don't call work.
    7. What do you do when you aren't teaching kitesurfing? Being a bit of an adrenaline junkie I love to do anything exciting including snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, SUP and even cruise the beach on a longboard
    8. Where are you from originally? South Africa - however moved to the UK as a child and grew here. Being born on the coast I'll always be drawn to the sea.
    9. Where is your favourite kite spot and why? Worthing - great spot on the door step.
    10. What is your favourite food? I'm a big foodie and having gone vegan end of last year, I love discovering new vegan food and recipes.